Palaeontographica Americana

Palaeontographica Americana (ISSN 0078-8546) was an occasional publication published by PRI published between 1916 and 2012. It was originally conceived as a large-format (9.5 x 12.5”) serial with high-quality, glossy illustrations in the days when Bulletins of American Paleontology was smaller in format (6 x 9”) and non-glossy. In the 1980s, both journals migrated to 8.5 x 11” format with glossy images, blurring the distinction between the two. After several years of inactivity, PA formally discontinued publication effective January 2013.

Back issues of PA are available by single-issue purchase. Most issues published between 1966 and 1998 (nos. 6-60) are now also available as open access documents in the Biodiversity Heritage Library. Earlier volumes were sold to the now-defunct Johnson Reprint Corporation in 1962; although some of Johnson’s titles were assumed by Periodicals Service Company, this does not seem to have included PA, therefore nos. 1-5 are presently unavailable.

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3D digital model of the cranium, mandible, and tusks of a male Mammut americanum, to illustrate response to impact on the tusk tip. From “Mastodon Paleobiology, Taphonomy, and Paleoenvironment in the Late Pleistocene of New York State: Studies on the Hyde Park, Chemung, and North Java Sites” (PA no. 61).

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Year   Title Authors Pub No.
2009 Publication image Studies in Devonian Stratigraphy: Proceedings of the 2007 International Meeting of the Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy and IGCP 499

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Over, D. Jeffrey PA 63
2009 Publication image Conodont Studies Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the First Conodont Paper (Pander, 1856) and the 40th Anniversary of the Pander Society Over, D. Jeffrey PA 62
2008 Publication image Mastodon paleobiology, taphonomy, and paleoenvironment in the Late Pleistocene of New York State: studies on the Hyde Park, Chemung, and North Java Sites Allmon, Warren D.; Peter L. Nester PA 61
1998 Upper Cretaceous Trochacean Gastropods from Puerto Rico and Jamaica Sohl, N.F. PA 60
1996 Evolution and Systematics of Cenozoic American Turitellidae (Gastropoda). 1. Paleocene and Eocene species related to "Turritella mortoni Conrad" and "Turritella humerosa conrad" from the (con't) Allmon, W.D. PA 59
1994 Fruits and seeds of the Middle Eocene Nut Bads Flora, Clarno Formations, Oregon Manchester, S.R. PA 58
1991 Revised taxonomic procedures and paleoecological applications for some North American Mississippian Fenestellidae and Polyporidae (Bryozoa) Snyder, E.M. PA 57
1988 Late Ordovician sponges from the Malongulli Formation of central New South Wales, Australia Rigby, J.K.; B.D. Webby PA 56
1986 A restudy of the fossil Scorpionida of the world Kjellesvig-Waering, E.N.; organized for publication by A.S. Caster and K.E. Caster PA 55
1984 Recent advances in the paleobiology and geology of the Cnidaria. [Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria (and Archaeocyathids and Stromatoporoids) held in (con't)   PA 54